Female Urology for Your Most Intimate Health Care Needs

About the Women's Personal Health Care Program at Chesapeake Urology

Many women associate the practice of urology with men's health and oftentimes do not realize why choosing a female urology specialist for pelvic health and female urologic conditions is so important. Chesapeake Urology's team of specialists focus on women's most personal health care issues, providing the focused and expert care needed for specific women's urologic conditions. 

What Conditions Do Female Urologists Treat?

At Chesapeake Urology, our female urology, urogynecology and pelvic health experts diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions including but not limited to:


What Sets Female Urology Experts Apart?

Our physicians include some of the region's leading experts in female urology and pelvic health. In fact, many of our doctors have received fellowship-training in female urological health. Female urology specialists are specially trained in areas such as pelvic reconstructive surgery, complex bladder and pelvic conditions, neurourology, and women's sexual health issues. This expertise is unique to physicians who specialize in female urological care and is complemented by a team of women's health specialists that provides an unmatched continuum of care. 


Gynecology and Female Urology - What's the Difference?

While gynecologists focus more on women's reproductive health, a urologist focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of female conditions that affect the entire pelvic area and urinary tract system of a woman.  

Focus on the Patient Experience

In addition to being leaders in the field of female urology and pelvic health, our women's personal health care team realizes that women need more than just the most advanced care. Women need a personal experience. 

What does a personal experience look like?

  • Specialists who listen to your concerns and take a comprehensive, integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment

  • Physicians and support staff who deliver care with compassion, understanding that your health condition is a cause of stress and may have disrupted your quality of life

  • A health care team dedicated to your overall well-being who work to ensure all of your needs are taken care of, from scheduling diagnostic testing to walking you through the treatment process