Important Tips for Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction Patients

Dos and Dont's for Proper Toileting

For patients living with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, Chesapeake Urology physical therapists offer these important tips:
Do relax your muscles to urinate
Don't strain

Do drink at least 64 ounces of water per day
Don't allow yourself to become dehydrated

Do limit your coffee, alcohol and fruit juice intake
Don't drink these bladder irritants, which will only make your urinary symptoms worse

Do learn to delay frequency of urination
Don't run to the restroom with the first urge - train your bladder muscles to hold it for a little longer than you're comfortable with to build muscle tone

Do include fiber in your diet
Don't become constipated, which can exacerbate your incontinence issues

Do drink your water in a 12-hour period
Don't drink fluids two hours before bed except a small amount with medications, if needed

Do exercise regularly - walking, swimming, etc. are great, low-impact aerobic exercises that will keep you healthy and feeling strong
Don't be a couch potato!