Women's Health Providers

Chesapeake Urology's women's personal health support staff complement the expertise of our physicians and provide women with a variety of integral health care services. From physical therapy and diagnostics to patient navigators, our women's health care providers deliver unsurpassed, compassionate care. 

Meet Our Women's Health Providers

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Urogynecology

Sondra Barker NEW

Sondra Beth Barker, CRNP, MS, RN

Working with urogynecologist Dr. Conrad Duncan, Sondra is a women’s health nurse practitioner who specializes in urogynecology. 

Areas of specialty: Incontinence services including management of stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder treatment programs, tibial nerve stimulation, urodynamics studies and medication management, as well as pelvic floor disorder services including management of chronic pelvic pain and interstitial cystitis, bladder instillations, vaginal pessary fitting and placement, medical therapy for pelvic organ prolapse, and sexual dysfunction.


Physical Therapy

Lindsay RothermelLindsay Rothermel, DPT, Physical therapist 

Areas of specialty: Pelvic floor dysfunction including pelvic floor muscle strengthening and rehabilitation, urinary incontinence therapy and biofeedback, external and internal manual therapy, pelvic alignment and posture.


Urodynamics Services


Betty McVicker-Hall, CMA/Urodynamicist

  • Coordinator, UDS Services
  • Certified in performance and interpretation of urodynamics/video urodynamics

Areas of specialty: Neurologic conditions and disorders (multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and Parkinson disease), incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and neurogenic bladder.



Sondra Barker, CRNP,MS,RN      Lindsay Dugent, MA       Nancy Kozlowski, MA       Cindy Woodward, CMA   
Sondra Barker NEW Urodynamics - Lindsay Urodynamics- Nancy (1) Urodynamics - Cindy

Pessary Specialists 

Ally Gordon PA_CSondra Barker NEW


Ally Gordon, P.A.-C and  Sondra Barker, CRNP, MS, RN, Urogynecology

Chesapeake Urology pessary specialists, Ally Gordon and Sondra Barker, work with prolapse patients to provide custom fit vaginal pessaries to treat pelvic organ prolapse. They also teach women how to care for and maintain the pessary for optimal results.


Patient Navigator, Urinary Incontinence

Sue Spurlock

Sue Spurlock, RN

As a patient navigator, Sue works closely with Chesapeake Urology’s incontinence physicians and patients to provide a continuum of care, guiding women through diagnostic procedures, setting appointments and scheduling testing, as well as answering all questions and/or concerns related to their condition and subsequent treatment options.