Personal Perspectives

"You have changed my life..."

Every day our physians and women's care providers diagnose and treat women for a variety of conditions. But sometimes providing superior care is more than just the science of medicine, it's about the lives that are touched and changed for the better. 

Our women's personal care providers work with women every day, listening, treating and caring. And often our providers hear from patients - "You have changed my life."

These are the stories of hope and inspiration. 


Sue Spurlock

"My patient wanted to live the life she loved without having to map out where the nearest bathroom was first..."


Chesapeake Urology's urinary incontinence patient navigator, Sue Spurlock, RN, CURN, tells of one patient who went from feeling deflated and confined by her overactive bladder to cruising the world in confidence. 

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Kannan Manickam

"Honest, open patient-physician communication is key..."


Dr. Kannan Manickam, urologist, understands that listening to a woman's symptoms and her needs is important to treating pelvic health conditions. 

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