Patient Testimonials

Our patients have some great things to say about Chesapeake Urology's Women's Personal Health physicians and the patient experience. Here's what some of our satisfied patients had to share:


  • "Dr. Andrew Shapiro was understanding and gave me plenty of information to make my care decisions. We feel very lucky to have Dr. Shapiro as our physician. He answers all of my questions and doesn't make me feel bad for asking. He has a wonderful bedside manner, very caring and compassionate. He knew I would be very anxious about my procedure and as busy as he was that day, he made sure that I got back in that same day so I could be at ease.  I have referred Dr. Shapiro to many people I know."  


  • "I have already expressed my feelings to Dr. Andrew Shapiro, but wanted to share them with you, also. I had such a phenomenally positive experience in dealing with Chesapeake Urology from start to finish. I was in Baltimore only for a week, but somehow your office managed to arrange for me to get Botox injections for my bladder. Every single person I spoke to was helpful and went the extra mile to make things happen. Vera, at the front desk, worked most diligently to get things to happen. But everyone else was equally as friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, I have to deal with many physicians offices and it is such a pleasure to deal with one that was as positive and proactive as Chesapeake Urology. Hats off to all of you!  With many thanks." 


  • "Dr. Andrew Shapiro is a very compassionate doctor, I feel so fortunate to have him as my Urologist! He allows my acupuncturist to come in and help me through my catheter changes. This really helps my anxiety, pain, and helps to calm my autonomic nervous system and bladder." 


  • "Dr. Shapiro is a very caring and dedicated doctor. I feel so fortunate to be his patient because he looks at the whole person and figures out what is in their best interest. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Shapiro because of this."


  • "This was the best doctor’s appointment I have had in the last 20 years. I felt very at ease throughout the whole process which is usually not the case with any of my doctors, especially with a new doctor. Dr. Lisa Hawes was great and I will definitely refer her to my friends and I will let my doctors know they should add her to the list of doctors that they refer! And the staff was friendly, courteous and very helpful!"


  • "The entire experience was wonderful. If I was to choose, I would say I especially liked the way Dr. Hawes took the time to explain the diagnosis, test results, etc."


  • "Dr. Victoria Staiman is real. She talks to me in a way that I understand, makes me feel safe and not nervous. She really cares, and to me, that means so much. My family and I ADORE Dr. Staiman!" 


  • "Dr. Staiman was very down-to-earth, easy to talk with, and very thorough. She took her time and asked lots of questions, and did not rush me. I felt that she was being very careful and attentive to my health."


  • "Dr. Victoria Staiman has the ability to make you feel as ease as soon as she enters the room. A very good experience."


  • "Dr. Marni Robinson has always been a sweetheart; we really love her bedside manner!"


  • "Your office was absolutely the nicest, most professional and enjoyable doctor’s office I have ever been in. Dr. Robinson was amazing and the staff was wonderful!"