Support and Educational Resources for OAB Patients

Chesapeake Urology’s overactive bladder and continence program was designed with
you in mind. Our team of OAB specialists understands what women go through when
experiencing urinary incontinence and have the expertise needed to help manage your
symptoms with a goal of maintaining your long term wellness and quality of life.


The Important Role of Our OAB Patient Navigator

Sue SpurlockOne of the unique features of our OAB program is our dedicated patient navigator. Sue Spurlock, RN, CURN, is a registered nurse with more than three decades of experience. Sue is your advocate and support resource when it comes to managing your OAB, and helps manage a woman’s experience with urinary incontinence and OAB from initial diagnosis through treatment. In fact, continence patients who work with our patient navigator often see better outcomes and satisfaction with their treatment and recovery.

Learn More About Sue's Role In Your OAB Care. 



Support Groups

Chesapeake Urology holds free educational seminars on OAB for patients and loved ones on
a regular basis. Our incontinence specialists provide an overview of bladder control problems
and are available to answer your questions during these support sessions. Information about upcoming free educational seminars on OAB is regularly posted on our Chesapeake Urology website HERE. 

New for 2016 - FREE Saturday OAB Information Sessions and Interstim Workshops - Learn More. 


Other Online OAB Resources

In addition to the valuable information you'll find on our women's personal health website, following are additinal online resources patients with OAB might find helpful: